#40facts4the hive

Am kommenden Wochenende werde ich an der Blogger-Konferenz The Hive teilnehmen. Ich freue mich schon sehr!
Die Teilnehmer wurden gebeten, sich mit #40facts4thehive vorzustellen. Oh, mein Gott! 40!! Warum gerade 40? Das ist so viel! Warum nicht 20? 30?? Wie auch immer, ich denke mir seit Tagen etwas dazu aus. Das macht Spaß, aber ich bin doch etwas überfordert wegen der Menge. Hauptstadtmutti hat’s gut, die sind zu zweit und können sich die Facts aufteilen … Nun ja, nicht zögern und zaudern … Los geht’s! Und da es sich um eine internationale Konferenz handelt, versuche ich es mal auf Englisch.

1 I like books.

2 When I was a child I was a bookworm.

3 I got my first library card at the age of 8.

4 The number was 1312. (How comes that I still remember??)

5 At the age of 14 I had job at the public library. This made me really proud as it was such a highly coveted job.

6 Last but not least – I had an internship at the municipal library during my university studies.

7 I liked the old fashion magazines in the dusty archive.

8 My master’s thesis was about fashion.

9 Still I became a very slow reader.

10 I call myself »Leseschnecke«.

11 I need to think twice which books are worth reading.

12 I like magazines.

13I’m addicted to buy magazines.

14 But I have to be strong (see No. 9 and 10).

15 I like letters.

16 I’m really not able to say which font I like the most.

17 I like colors.

18 All colors.

19 But pink I like the most.

20 I’m married.

21 We have a daughter.

22 And a dachshund. Lotta.

23 I’m collecting dachshund-art.

24 I get many wonderful dachshund stuff from my friends all the time.

25 I like TV series.

26 I’m a huge fan of »Mad Men«.

27 I like the early Sixties.

28 An elegant era – fashion, design, music.

29 I like to go to the cinema.

30 But I can’t say what movie I like the most.

31 During Berlinale I’m very happy to be a freelancer.

32 I am tidy.

33 I love to declutter.

34 I have a garden.

35 I designed and created it by my own.

36 I love working in my garden.

37 With my desire to take photos all the time I drive my family crazy.

38 I wish the days would be longer.

39 If I don’t know exactly how to handle something I tend to procrastinate.

40 I like Easter better than Christmas. – Happy Easter to all of you.